Want smooth, efficient, on-time appointments? You’ve come to the right place!

We take great pride in seeing every patient on time and completing your treatment within the anticipated appointment length. The majority of your appointments will be quick, 30-minute visits and are typically scheduled every 6–8 weeks. As you get closer to the end of your treatment and we work on detailing your smile, you may have appointments as close as 4 weeks apart so that we can finish your treatment as efficiently as possible.

Longer appointments, such as initial placement of braces, bonding of second molars, and removing braces may occur in the morning and early afternoon during school hours. This helps Dr. Kelley spend more time with each patient and allows us more time to see as many patients as possible after school hours. We are happy to provide a written excuse from work or school!

In an effort to be mindful of your time and expedite the paperwork involved with your initial appointment, please be sure to take the time to print and fill out both the Health History and HIPPA forms prior to your initial exam and bring them with you.

We finish your treatment on schedule!

Over the years, we have worked very hard refining our systems and treatment techniques to help ensure that you finish your treatment on time. We know that our patients are anxious to show of their new smile, and it is our goal to finish treatment either on time or even a few months early. While every case is different, we promise to do our best to meet our treatment length goals.  Read more about why patients choose Kelley Orthodontics

Running late? Please call our office to let us know! We may still be able to see you, but this might limit the amount of treatment we can provide during that visit.

Unable to keep your appointment? Please call us ASAP to reschedule, and we will offer you the next available appointment time.

Have an Emergency? Orthodontic emergencies typically involve a loose or broken brace or wire that is poking AND is causing discomfort. Call our office immediately at (843) 856-9323 if you have an emergency so we can create a time to see you.