The Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics team is looking for patients to represent our practice on our advertising and marketing! Beginning February, we will be accepting nominations from Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics patients to be selected as a SmileStar!

You qualify for this contest as long as you are or have been a Kelley Orthodontics patient. We are looking for patients in and out of braces and of all ages!

Here is the process:

1. Nominate your smile

2. Top 30 are selected by a panel of judges

3. Voting begins for all Top 30 contestants

4. Winners who have the most votes are announced

As a SmileStar winner, you have the honor of being a “face” of Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics and will be treated to a professional photo shoot. The pictures taken at the shoot will be featured in our advertising and marketing!

How? It’s easy! Just click on  fill out the info, and upload two pictures. Feel free to contact Patty at the office with any questions!

Nominations end on April 8th!!


Board Certified Orthodontists Dr. James E. Kelley and Dr. Roberta Z. Gardner straighten smiles with clear braces and Invisalign in Mount Pleasant, including Park West.