What can we expect the first day after getting braces?

We know that getting braces is an exciting time, but there is also a certain amount of uncertainty about what to expect. First, you should know that actually putting on the braces does not hurt one bit. In fact, we usually tell our patients to go enjoy lunch after we place the brackets because your teeth will not be sore until later that night.  We also recommend that our patients return to work or school after getting braces! Sorry, kids :)

Dr. Kelley – Board Certified

Excellent Care for a Lifetime

Dr. Kelley has completed the rigorous studying and examinations required to become certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and sponsored by the American Association of Orthodontists.

Board Certification is voluntary and is based on the highest standards of orthodontic knowledge and clinical skill. Dr. Kelley was required to complete a written examination, present patient cases for expert review, and complete an oral examination to evaluate diagnosis, treatment planning, and finished treatment ability.  He is among the small percentage of orthodontists in the Charleston area and the United States to earn this degree of recognized excellence within his specialty.

Taking the time and energy to become Board Certified demonstrated a desire to be held to the highest clinical standards.  Periodically, Dr. Kelley must take recertification examinations to maintain his Board Certification.

Board Certification is a lifelong commitment - a commitment to continuing education that provides you with a healthy smile for life.  Embrace Your Smile!

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Board Certified Orthodontist Dr. James E. Kelley straightens smiles with clear braces and Invisalign® in Mount Pleasant, including Park West.


Dental Health Month


It's Dental Health Month!

Here's some interesting facts and tips, just for fun!!

  • Sports-related injuries account for approximately 5 million missing teeth per year, so make sure you wear a mouth guard, if you or your little ones are athletes.
  • Kids laugh around 400 times a day!
  • It takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 17 to smile!
  • The average person spends 38 days  brushing their teeth during their lifetime.
  • It is recommended that you brush 2 to 3 minutes twice a day.

Dr. Kelley, a board-certified orthodontist, and his excellent team provide orthodontic treatment for children and adults in Mt. Pleasant, SC. They offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including Invisalign, clear braces and traditional braces.

What should my child expect at the first orthodontist appointment?

The first appointment in our office is a time to get to know each other while assessing your child's orthodontic needs. At this complimentary evaluation, our new patient coordinator will take some photographs and a panorex (if your dentist does not have a current one), which I will review before the actual exam.

Next, the new patient coordinator and I will do a comprehensive exam and discuss any of your concerns. I then review each photograph and the panorex with you and your child, pointing out things that look good and things that need our attention.

If treatment is needed at that time, we will discuss various options and treatment time. The new patient coordinator will also present treatment fees, including your estimated insurance benefit.

Our goal is for you to leave the appointment feeling comfortable and understanding your child's needs, as well as any recommended treatment and the associated costs. You will also receive a detailed letter explaining our findings and recommendations.


-Kelley Orthodontics

Mt. Pleasant, SC


How do I know if my child needs braces?

It is estimated that more than 5 million people in the United States and Canada are in the care of an orthodontist. But how do you know if your child needs braces? The simplest answer is to see an orthodontist for a free consultation.