The first appointment in our office is a time to get to know each other while assessing your child’s orthodontic needs. At this complimentary evaluation, our new patient coordinator will take some photographs and a panorex (if your dentist does not have a current one), which I will review before the actual exam.

Next, the new patient coordinator and I will do a comprehensive exam and discuss any of your concerns. I then review each photograph and the panorex with you and your child, pointing out things that look good and things that need our attention.

If treatment is needed at that time, we will discuss various options and treatment time. The new patient coordinator will also present treatment fees, including your estimated insurance benefit.

Our goal is for you to leave the appointment feeling comfortable and understanding your child’s needs, as well as any recommended treatment and the associated costs. You will also receive a detailed letter explaining our findings and recommendations.


-Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics

Mt. Pleasant, SC