With Back to School around the corner, Dr. Kelley wants to see you Embracing your Kelley Smile— Literally! Entering your photo is easy: Just share a picture of you with a homemade sign broadcasting where you got your smile! Then enter your picture to the Tab application on our Facebook page.

For bonus entries, post to your Instagram & Twitter accounts using the hashtag #EmbracingMyKelleySmile

On August 15, 2013, the winner will be drawn at random! The more photos you post/hashtag, the greater the chances of winning.

The lucky winner will have their very own limo pick them up or drop them off from school on a day of their choice!

1. Take a picture Embracing your Kelley Smile!

2. Visit the entry tab on our Facebook page

3. Enter your information and upload photo

4. Gain more entries using a Hashtag via Instagram or Twitter: #EmbracingMyKelleySmile