Where are you from?
New York.  Work brought us here.
Did you have braces, and if so, for how long?
What job could you never do?
Garbage woman

If Kelley Orthodontics – Mt. Pleasant didn’t exist and you needed a totally different career, what would be another dream job?
What’s the last movie you watched?
American Hustle
What was your first concert?
What was your favorite concert?
It’s a tie between Rolling Stones and Tina Turner
What is the best part about working with Dr. Kelley?
We have so much fun while we work!
What celebrity has the best teeth?
Brittany Spears
What celebrity would you most like to have as a patient at Kelley Orthodontics?
Ellen DeGeneres
What’s your favorite date night restaurant?
Trattorio Luca
Do you have any Pets? 
Yes, 2 boxers: Bentley and Mulligan

What do you think the best advance has been in recent years for orthodontics?

L-Pop and TADS