Smiles shine their brightest at Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics, a trusted name in orthodontic care. Our latest SmileStar is none other than the effervescent and bubbly Sophie!
Walking into the Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics office, Sophie’s smile isn’t the only thing that brightens up the room. She loves walking into the office and saying, “Oh, look. That’s me. I’m on the wall.” It’s a moment of pride and joy, a reminder that a beautiful smile is something worth celebrating.
For her, being a SmileStar is not just about having a perfect smile but also about embracing the celebrity experience. One of her favorite aspects of this recognition is the chance to meet a photographer who’s worked with A-list celebrities like Selena Gomez. It’s a glimpse into Hollywood at home.
Born and raised in Charleston by her loving parents, Sophie’s go-to spot in Mount Pleasant is the bustling Towne Centre. She and her friends often wander to explore the stores, indulge in a little retail therapy, catch a movie, or treat themselves to some Starbucks. When she’s not on the go, Sophie likes binge-watching her beloved Netflix series or soaking up the sun while swimming in her pool. She also loves to draw and was how taught to harness her creativity by her grandma, a former art teacher at SOA.
But Sophie’s heart shines the brightest when she talks about her favorite volunteer event: Paws-Around-Town with the Charleston Animal Society. This event allows volunteers to take a shelter dog for a few hours and explore the town together. It’s a great way to showcase adoptable dogs and help potential families decide if they’re a good fit. And guess what! Sophie’s own family found their precious dog, Athens, through this amazing program.
What truly makes Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics special for Sophie is the warmth and kindness of the team. No matter who she encounters there, she feels like she receives excellent care and personalized attention. And of course, the SmileStars program adds a dash of sparkle to her orthodontic experience.
Sophie is not just a SmileStar; she’s a shining star, adding warmth, color, and kindness to her community. Her journey with Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics is a testament to the power of smiles and the beauty of embracing who you truly are.