Drayton is one of the latest additions to the awesome Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics SmileStar family. Drayton brings a dash of fame, a love for gaming, and a calm, cool, and collected personality to this tight-knit community.
For Drayton, the best part of being chosen as a SmileStar is the feeling of being famous. And why not? He’s earned the spotlight with his gorgeous grin that lights up any room. One thing he says he loves is being recognized as a SmileStar. It is a taste of stardom that is fun and new.

Hobbies and Interests

When he’s not basking in his newfound fame, you can often find Drayton at Contenders Esports, his favorite place in town. His love for gaming knows no bounds. Contenders Esports is where he loves honing his skills and facing off against fellow gamers.
Weekends in Drayton’s life are filled with a trio of passions: video games, golfing, and football. He bonds with his cousins over intense gaming sessions, forming unbreakable alliances and competing in epic battles. When he’s not conquering virtual worlds, you might find him on the golf course, perfecting his swing and relishing the outdoors. And of course, he’s a dedicated football enthusiast, always cheering on his favorite teams.
But Drayton understands the importance of balance and his life isn’t all exciting sports and gaming. If Drayton were a color, he says he’d be the soothing shade of blue. It’s a color that makes him feel calm and relaxed, and it perfectly reflects his composed personality.

What’s Behind his Smile?

But what makes Drayton smile even wider is the welcoming atmosphere at Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics. He emphasizes that everyone is incredibly nice to him, creating a supportive and friendly environment. This makes his orthodontic journey a breeze. Drayton knows that behind every successful smile, there’s a caring team, and he’s found just that at Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics.
With a love for gaming, a preference for the color blue, and a heart full of kindness, Drayton’s smile is not just famous; it’s unforgettable. As he continues his journey with Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics, he’ll undoubtedly inspire others to embrace their unique personalities and shine just as brightly.