At Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics, smiles are not just crafted; they’re celebrated. Meet Gianna, the latest SmileStar to grace the walls of our office. From dazzling photoshoots to embracing the journey of her orthodontic treatment, Gianna brings her vibrant energy and infectious smile to the forefront.

Capturing Joy in Every Frame

For Gianna, the highlight of being a SmileStar is undeniably the photoshoot experience. The joy she finds in getting her hair and makeup done, coupled with the excitement of working with talented photographers, radiates through each photograph. She takes pride in seeing her captivating smiles showcased proudly within the office, creating a vibrant and positive atmosphere for everyone who walks through the doors.

Fun-Loving Favorites

When Gianna isn’t flashing her winning smiles at Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics, you’re likely to find her at her favorite hangout spot—the Towne Center. Whether it’s shopping sprees, movie outings, or leisurely lunches with friends, Gianna loves moments with her friends and family. It’s here that she weaves lasting memories with her friends, turning ordinary days into extraordinary adventures.

A Journey with Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics

Undergoing orthodontic treatment can be a transformative journey, and Gianna has found kindness in the hands of Dr. Kelley. Despite the extensive work needed on her teeth, Gianna praises Dr. Kelley for not just his professional expertise but also for the warmth and care he extends during every visit. It’s a testament to the genuine connections fostered at the practice.

Three Fun Facts about Gianna

  1. Dance Enthusiast: Gianna is not just a SmileStar but also a dance expert. With 11 years of competitive dancing under her belt, she brings grace and rhythm to every step.
  2. Guiding Little Dancers: Beyond the stage, Gianna extends her passion for dance by assisting and teaching young talents at her dance studio, spreading the joy of movement and creativity.
  3. Biking to Sunsets: Gianna experiences her love for nature and tranquility by riding her bike to witness the mesmerizing sunsets in her neighborhood.

Hot Pink Happiness and Taylor Swift Tunes

Gianna’s vibrant personality is perfectly mirrored in her favorite color—hot pink. Bright, fun, and exuding positivity, it’s a hue that resonates with her joyful spirit. And what’s the soundtrack to Gianna’s life? It’s none other than “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift. The upbeat and positive vibes of the song align seamlessly with Gianna’s outlook on life, making it the anthem of her journey.

We’re Proud of SmileStar, Gianna

Gianna is not only a stunning SmileStar but a beacon of positivity, community engagement, and radiant energy. Her journey, marked by smiles and shared moments, is a testament to the transformative power of orthodontic care and the joy that radiates when a dazzling smile meets a vibrant personality.