Peyton says being a Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics SmileStar has been an incredible journey, transforming not just her smile but also boosting her confidence. “Dr. Kelley and his staff were always so friendly and explained things so well. I owe my smile to them!”

Mount Pleasant Towne Center: My Happy Place

Peyton says, “One of my favorite hangout spots is the Mount Pleasant Towne Center.” She says this vibrant center offers the perfect blend of shopping, diverse restaurants, and a movie theater, making it an ideal location to spend quality time with friends and family.

Weekend Bliss: Swimming and Shopping

On weekends, you’ll likely find Peyton indulging in two of her favorite activities – swimming and shopping. Whether it’s splashing around with friends in the pool or exploring the latest fashion trends, she says these activities bring her immense joy and relaxation.

Fun Facts That Define Peyton

  • Passionate Singer: She is an enthusiastic member of the Wando HS Chorus, and this year, she is honored to have been selected to be a part of the SC All State Choir. Music is a significant part of Peyton’s life, and singing brings her immense joy.
  • Driving into the Future: After recently acquiring her permit, Peyton is eagerly looking forward to obtaining her driver’s license. She says the freedom and independence that come with driving are both exciting and empowering.
  • Furry Companion: Peyton’s sidekick is, Gizmo, her little Yorkie. She says her family rescued him eight years ago, but truth be told, he’s the one who rescued them. His companionship adds an extra layer of warmth and joy to my life.
  • Bugging Me Out: Despite living in the South, Peyton can’t stand bugs. It’s a real challenge, but it hasn’t stopped her from pursuing my passion for helping others.

Spreading Kindness: Volunteering and Blessing Bags

Peyton has had the privilege of meeting wonderful people by creating and distributing blessing bags to the homeless downtown. As summer approaches, she is excited about increasing her volunteer hours at Blissful Dreams Rescue Ranch, an organization offering therapeutic horseback riding for both children and adults.


Peyton says that being a Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics SmileStar has not only given her a stunning smile but also provided her with a platform to share it confidently with the world. She says that as she navigates through high school, music, volunteering, and the joys of driving, she is grateful for the support of Dr. Kelley and his team in shaping not just her smile but her overall sense of self.

We love hearing this from Peyton and all of our patients. Cheers to embracing confidence, spreading kindness, and grooving to the tunes of the past!